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Are you a writer?

We believe the publishing world should be more accessible to new authors, and we want to help make that happen.   We charge no upfront fees, and you keep your copyright.  Editing and Design are provided if you want it or your material needs a little fine tuning; optional packages are available for an additional fee if you want a lot of help or tutoring.  You get approval over any changes.  You also get final approval of the proof copy, which is yours to keep for free.  We handle printing and distribution, and you can buy as many copies as you want of your own work at-cost.  We keep a small percentage of printing runs to pay for our services, and you get your work published and acknowledged and distributed to the world via online retailers (Amazon, BN, etc.) - the rest of marketing and what you do with your book is up to you.  You can also choose the format for your book: hardback, paperback, or ebook editions, or any combination of those you want.  This is your book!

There are additional fees for audiobooks, due to audio-editing contracts and required studio fees.

HWC Press is currently seeking clinical works and personal memoirs for a series on mental health issues.

To apply, please provide your contact information, details of your work, and progress on it thus far:

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